This place is only so that way I can give links to the Flash download without Discord Please note that We have some Discord only exclusives such has more ways to use Flash and tutorials

Here is how to use Flash using the Pale Moon method. Please note that this only works with Windows operating systems. 1: Install the Pale Moon web browser (it looks like old Firefox because it is based on an old version of Firefox) 2: Go get Flash at filedropper.com/installflashplayer_1 3: Install Flash by the offline installer provided 4: If you were using Pale Moon already, restart. Now Flash should be at your fingertips. Please note that only some websites like Andkon Arcade or Unblocked Games websites still have Flash games. If you want the Flash Player projector, please go to https://mega.nz/file/WNh1EISJ#uz0HNpUWX_XHzMuFdHXCFXon_bXoo88_cfZS8cUE7CY. This version of the projector only works on Windows, and also is a portable application which means you can just run the .exe without having to install it.

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